Test for a Bash variable being unset, using a function


A simple Bash variable test goes:

${varName:?    "${varName} is not defined"}

I'd like to re-use this, by putting it in a function. How please?

Following fails

# Test a variable exists
 val=${1:?    "${1}    must be defined, preferably in $basedir"}
 if [ -z ${val}  ]
     echo Zero length value 
     echo ${1} exists, value ${1}

I.e. I need to exit if the test fails.

4/14/2018 2:23:24 AM

Thanks to lhunath's answer, I was led to a part of the Bash man page that I've overlooked hundreds of times:

    When  not performing substring  expansion, bash tests for a parameter that
    is unset  or null; omitting the colon results in a test only for a parameā€
    ter that is unset.

This prompted me to create the following truth table:

                | unset |   set    | set and  | meaning
                |       | but null | not null |
     ${var-_}   |   T   |     F    |    T     | not null or not set
     ${var:-_}  |   T   |     T    |    T     | always true, use for subst.
     $var       |   F   |     F    |    T     | var is set and not null
     ${!var[@]} |   F   |     T    |    T     | var is set

This table introduces the specification in the last row. The Bash man page says "If name is not an array, expands to 0 if name is set and null otherwise." For purposes of this truth table, it behaves the same even if it's an array.

9/24/2009 2:04:30 AM

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