Move all files except one


How can I move all files except one? I am looking for something like:

'mv ~/Linux/Old/!Tux.png ~/Linux/New/'

where I move old stuff to new stuff -folder except Tux.png. !-sign represents a negation. Is there some tool for the job?

5/5/2012 6:17:37 AM

Accepted Answer

Put the following to your .bashrc

shopt -s extglob

It extends regexes. You can then move all files except one by

mv !(fileOne) ~/path/newFolder

Exceptions in relation to other commands

Note that, in copying directories, the forward-flash cannot be used in the name as noticed in the thread Why extglob except breaking except condition?:

cp -r !(Backups.backupdb) /home/masi/Documents/

so Backups.backupdb/ is wrong here before the negation and I would not use it neither in moving directories because of the risk of using wrongly then globs with other commands and possible other exceptions.

5/23/2017 10:31:17 AM

If you use bash and have the extglob shell option set (which is usually the case):

mv ~/Linux/Old/!(Tux.png) ~/Linux/New/

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