Force flushing of output to a file while bash script is still running


I have a small script, which is called daily by crontab using the following command:

/homedir/MyScript &> some_log.log

The problem with this method is that some_log.log is only created after MyScript finishes. I would like to flush the output of the program into the file while it's running so I could do things like

tail -f some_log.log

and keep track of the progress, etc.

6/15/2015 1:04:16 PM

Accepted Answer

bash itself will never actually write any output to your log file. Instead, the commands it invokes as part of the script will each individually write output and flush whenever they feel like it. So your question is really how to force the commands within the bash script to flush, and that depends on what they are.

9/15/2009 10:33:40 PM

I found a solution to this here. Using the OP's example you basically run

stdbuf -oL /homedir/MyScript &> some_log.log

and then the buffer gets flushed after each line of output. I often combine this with nohup to run long jobs on a remote machine.

stdbuf -oL nohup /homedir/MyScript &> some_log.log

This way your process doesn't get cancelled when you log out.

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